Thank you to all those that took part in the ARTSA Modification and Innovation Conference 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wrap up of the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association Modification and Innovation Conference

Members have previously been advised of a collaboration between the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ASRTSA), the Commercial Industry Association of Victoria (CVIAV) and the Commercial Industry Association of Australia (CVIAA) to stage the ARTSA Modification and Innovation Conference held at VACC House 2-3 March 2017.


Why was the conference organized?

The conference was designed to gather feedback for the review of the Modifications (VSB6) Code being undertaken by the NHVR. VSB 6 is the national standard for the most common modifications made to heavy vehicles.

Over 130 industry stakeholders attended, many of whom are AVE’s and who work with this Code on a daily basis. Their practical knowledge is immense and was the key to ensuring many productive discussions.

The conference was addressed by the NHVR and other agencies such as VicRoads and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. 

The conference was successful in engaging with the Regulator and a series of feedback suggestions will flow from this engagement.  It was predetermined vision and goal from the organisers that this conference must be useful to industry. This goal was achieved.


What were some of the sessions constituted over the conference?

There were many breakout sessions over the occurs of the two-day conference.  The sessions were facilitated by industry experts and provided opportunities for formation of future policy development.  Some of the issues covered included the following:

·        Vehicle ratings (Code S)

·       Performance Based Standards Vehicles

·        Truck mounted lifting systems (Code Q,R&T)

·        Good practice for AVE’s: Record keeping, calculations, software, VicRoads Code of Practice

·       Seats, cab conversions and restraints (Code K)

·       Brakes (Code G)

·        New technologies over the horizon: Electric vehicles

·        Engines and fuel systems (Code A&M)

·        Chassis and tail shafts (Code H&C)

·        New technologies in braking and stability

·        Transmissions, axles, diffs and suspension (Code B, D, E&F)

·        Body mountings and couplings (Code J&P)

The event sessions were summarised at the end of each day. Referral papers and presentations presented on the day can be viewed by taking this link.


How can you contribute to the VSB6 Review?

If you did not attend the conference but want to have a say in the Review of VSB 6 you can make your comments known on the NHVR website.   Public consultation will take place until March 17 2017.


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